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An interactive collection of books that invites children to cook recipes from classical fairy tales




Using a popular platform for creating a space to collect sound memories of Bogotá sent by strangers in different parts of the city

Hello, I'm Erika Díaz Gómez or eriqueta. I learn a lot from people, and although design has been my experience knowledge since 2007, it was only 18 months ago that I decided to acquire a human centered approach by enrolling in Hyper Island, a learning experience that uses project-based learning and focus on team processes and communication tools.


My career started as an editorial designer specialized in data visualisation. I studied abroad and worked for the biggest newspaper of Latin America, a renowned editorial art house in Colombia, and as a freelancer for big clients, international clients and side projects. I speak fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish.


If I relate to my team skills I will definitely highlight my process on growing stronger as a facilitator  by using constant communication and feedback for more effective processes and results. I have also incorporated in my workflows constant iterating and prototyping, all of them based on research and methods of design thinking.


Thanks for coming! don't forget to say hi and don't be surprised if this website has changed next time you visit, I love to play with it.

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